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"Just remembered how much I miss Justin Wilson's show. I garontee!"

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Hoodrat Thot

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  • Знакомства
    Faugore wrote 07.06.2018, 20:37: #1

    Dude, you need to reign it in a bit.

  • Знакомства
    Samule wrote 16.06.2018, 00:37: #2

    Jason Momoa, sigh shudder.

  • Zulkishicage wrote 20.06.2018, 01:30: #3

    Not to forget the UK's neolithic Stone Henge, 20,000 years old human and Neanderthal bones, 30,000 year old cave paintings and 140,000,000+ years old fossils etc etc.

  • Знакомства
    Doushakar wrote 22.06.2018, 18:13: #4

    More guns? where?

  • Dutaxe wrote 30.06.2018, 01:40: #5

    If I was god and truly cared about my creation, I would teach them. Like my parents taught me. I would not need to exercise rage and murder to improve things. After all, I'm god

  • Mamuro wrote 09.07.2018, 13:45: #6

    I addressed it very well.

  • Arajas wrote 16.07.2018, 00:59: #7

    I'm kind of hoping to come back as a cat owned by a rich cat lover so I can, you know just do whatever the heck I want, like snoozing on the porch all day.

  • Voodoorisar wrote 25.07.2018, 12:07: #8

    The post to which you are responding clearly stated that science has not proven "Leprechauns" don't exist.

  • Com fat lady latin sex Latina
    Samugal wrote 03.08.2018, 18:11: #9

    *Sips a cup of tea* You poor deprived man. ;)

  • Jugrel wrote 10.08.2018, 10:43: #10

    I see. You put the emphasis on "devout Christian", while I'm

  • Maurg wrote 19.08.2018, 15:19: #11

    That's okay, but then, what is the point in making claims if you lack the honor to defend or demonstrate them?

  • Zugor wrote 28.08.2018, 13:26: #12

    Not really. It was God that brought us this far.

  • Kigagis wrote 01.09.2018, 13:28: #13

    Props for the effort!

  • Знакомства
    Balkis wrote 06.09.2018, 10:32: #14

    So he lied then

  • Знакомства
    Akinohn wrote 16.09.2018, 19:05: #15

    You still have chosen.

  • Gardagis wrote 25.09.2018, 14:02: #16

    Ahh, memory lane.

  • Shaktizil wrote 05.10.2018, 08:44: #17

    That may be a better analogy but they both exist. Maybe firefighters and dragons is more apt.

  • Kile wrote 07.10.2018, 18:50: #18

    So in other words God could not foresee the failure of man so he gave up on his first attempt at giving us salvation and decided on a second one. So instead of praying for forgiveness from God you have to do it through Jesus. What a weak god you worship.

  • Dilrajas wrote 14.10.2018, 18:59: #19

    Yes, very familiar with analogies... I already pointed out that yours sucks. Want to talk about burnt toast and how it compares to global whatever? Yep, you sound about as stupid.

  • Com fat lady latin sex Latina
    Yozshushura wrote 16.10.2018, 17:50: #20

    I'm trying to make the point that people just need thick skin, and come to think of it, some respect too, even for those they disagree with. I personally think that only drawing a picture of someone for the sole purpose of mocking them is wrong (Charlie Hebdo was not smart at all). Maybe I'm just getting tired, I'd just love it if people learned how to tolerate differing beliefs.

  • Yozshugal wrote 22.10.2018, 22:54: #21

    My mention of education in no way implied the collegiate variety.

  • Voodoomuro wrote 26.10.2018, 14:12: #22

    That's just a wall of text to me. And none of what you said answers my question about how 20 years here or there would change anything.

  • Com fat lady latin sex Latina
    Dicage wrote 31.10.2018, 15:31: #23

    I was there . There was shamefully robust police tactics in schools were the voting booths were situate. Many innocent Spanish Women were roughly manhandled by yobs in riot gear. A shocking site for a supposedly civilised society.

  • Знакомства
    Nikomi wrote 02.11.2018, 10:41: #24

    According to some cultures, wouldn't living together for 7yrs already be married?

  • Faemi wrote 03.11.2018, 05:38: #25

    ?? you are quite the jokester.. ?Christian?-humanist. If that isn?t an oxymoron. Are they anything like ?Christian-Muslims?? Humanism relies on placing all importance in human matters over divine/supernatural matters. By definition a Christian follows the teaching of JC (a divine being) and His teachings include supreme importance on divine mattters. So a Christian cannot claim to follow Christ and assign hubris importance on man through humanism. And If you don?t accept Absolute Truth, you have no choice but to accept moral relativism or relative truths. So it?s very much tied to atheism... sans God, sans Absolute Truth.

  • Com fat lady latin sex Latina
    Vizahn wrote 05.11.2018, 21:10: #26

    That is my point. Why should the Catholics get to decide which texts were inspired?

  • Kijinn wrote 08.11.2018, 09:07: #27

    Yes, bad behavior.

  • Знакомства
    Kajijin wrote 09.11.2018, 10:31: #28

    You can get a long-haul truck driving gig in America right now starting around $100,000 a year. All you need is the appropriate drivers license. They can't fill all the openings they have and they're raising wages again to try and fill them. Your depressing views on our economy are yours....and most hyper-liberals.

  • Знакомства
    Kebar wrote 18.11.2018, 14:07: #29

    Screw you guys, I'm going shopping!

  • Yozshurg wrote 24.11.2018, 02:57: #30

    That's because she's a good speller.

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